But You Won’t Keep Falling For Me

A Sestina



So many of us are relying on change.

But not one of us can leave.

Not one of us can hide.

We have to find peace

When not one of us can take the fall

It is us.  Not I.  Not them.  But you.


Our Earth, my dear, I love you.

I’m afraid we cannot change.

Please go ahead for when we fall.

I will take that when we leave.

I will hold you for my peace

When humans go into hiding.


What we’ve done we cannot hide.

We’ve nothing left to say to you.

The only thing that brings me peace

Is the fact we cannot change.

I know that when we have to leave

We will leave to break your fall.


I hate that we are falling

I know we cannot hide.

I know we cannot leave,

This mother earth, this you,

I have worked for change.

I have prayed for peace.


You will see no peace.

You will take the fall.

You will see no change.

You cannot hide.

I will always love you.

I will never leave.


In truth I cannot leave,

This is me and my prayer for peace

It is for me and for equally you

It is in the rise and the fall

Where we testify and where we hide

And where we will never change.


I once had hope in the changing leaves.

I wanted to hide in their peace.

I know that I’ll keep falling for you.