Creme Brulee

We should all be outraged.

If any one of us in America went out to a nice dinner and were presented with our options for dessert, we would expect reasonable choices. We would expect that the polite, college-educated-waiter, (who was working tables because he couldn’t find a job in his field,) would quote us about 3-5 delights to choose from: maybe a slice of chocolate cake, maybe a fried banana, maybe some ice cream, just something nice that we could indulge in. (Hell, even McDonald’s gives us the choice between apple pie and a sundae.)

If a waiter at a restaurant told us that our choices for dessert were either liver or lima beans, we would have a healthy, entitled, god-fearing fit. We would probably stage a protest outside of the restaurant the next day. Folks would dress in evil-vegetable-attire and News 10 would be on the scene.

But when our choices for the next president are basically liver and lima beans, the vegetarians start talking about how wonderful lima beans taste and the conservatives decide that liver isn’t so bad.


Really, we should all be wondering where the hell the Creme Brulee is!

The electoral college has always unsettled me. There is not a true democracy in this country. Anyone who understands how America’s elections work understands this reality. We don’t actually vote for a president. We come to a consensus based on the choices available.

And it’s too bad. A country’s president is a pretty important thing.

Tonight, one of the sweeter choices available for the presidency watched the debates from a jail cell. Jill Stein, a legitimate candidate for the American presidency, was arrested for trying to enter the presidential debates. Jill Stein is on the ballot!

Up until a few hours ago, I was going to be one of those people who was going to hold my nose and vote for Obama. After the Green Party presidential candidate was arrested for trying to get into the national debate, it is clear to me that that our “democracy” is really just a dog and pony show.

So screw it. I’m voting my beliefs. If American Democracy is so messed up that voting my beliefs means that some tool might run the county for a while, then our country was beyond repair before my vote mattered. That, to me, is more telling than what anyone thinks about my single, insignificant vote.

It might be time that we stop voting and start mattering.